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LitePad Vector™:
Custom LitePad:

Custom LitePads


A slim profile high quality LED fixture that offers high CRI 90+ LED configuration in three color temperatures: 2800K, 4000K, and 5300K.


Choose the color temperature you need using dual chip HO technology that allows a tuneable white range between 3000K and 6500K.


Select any color you need or transition through an array of vibrant hues using a tri-color, RGB chip that provides seamless mixing colors for uniform colored light across the panel.

Project Gallery
Rosco Architectural Project Gallery
This gallery showcases striking images of some our most successful Custom LitePad projects. Designers, architects and other clients from around the world have shared their work with us enabling you to see the potential impact Custom LitePad can have in your upcoming designs.

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Custom LitePad is the first choice of lighting designers, architects and interior designers around the world for creating soft, even illumination. Fully customizable in size, shape, light output and control, LitePads are slim, lightweight, durable and easy to install into any project.

Rosco offers a global team of project specialists to ensure the success of your Custom LitePad project by providing expert configuration and integration support from the design phase to the installation phase.

Fully Customizable

LitePads can be manufactured into virtually any size or shape your project demands.

  Easy To Install

Integrating a Custom LitePad into your project is easy thanks to its lightweight, slim profile nature and its wide array of customized mounting and cabling options.

Complete Light Output Control

Offering a range of power supply units and control options, LitePad can be any color or color temperature you desire at the brightness level your project requires.

  A Durable Solution

Custom LitePad is UL Listed and IP61 rated and its ultra-slim, aluminium heat sinks keep the LEDs cool for durable installation virtually anywhere you need them.

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