Visual Content Manager: As a working photographer, Frank knows what aspects of lighting photographers need and want to control when it comes to their imagery. Frank is based in Belgium and brings a European styling to his work. Frank's posts will contain several artistic photos that showcase our products, along with the behind-the-scenes shots and explanations of how they were created.

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Conquering Color Correction

Every photographer knows what it’s like to get an idea for a photograph and then struggle to figure out how to execute the shot that’s in their head. In this case, the idea belonged to photographer Andy Van den Eynde who imagined a heroic band of torch-bearing Gauls venturing into the Belgian forest on a…

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Location Lighting Made Easy with Rick Friedman

We’ve got a brand new kit of light-control materials available for photo and video professionals to use when they venture outside the studio – The Location Lighting Filter Kit. The kit was designed by photographer Rick Friedman to represent his “must-have” Rosco materials that he’s relied on during his 30+ years as a photographer. This…

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Portraying a Musician by Kevin Ames
Lighting & Background Solutions for Photographers

Kevin Ames is an Atlanta-based commercial photographer that works for corporate clients including AT&T, Coca-Cola, Carter’s, Honda and Westin Hotels. His photographs have appeared in Time, Newsweek, and The Wall Street Journal. Kevin also writes photographic lighting tutorials. Below is a tutorial he recently shared with us about his experience lighting a portrait of a local musician.

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The Rosco Photo Lighting Gel Kit
“Love Those Awesome Colors!”
by Photographer Felix Barjou

Felix Barjou is a French photographer that grew up in the world of advertising with graphic designers for parents. He started his photography career in 2008 with simple portraits, and immediately discovered his style and process. Felix is passionate about light, which presents itself in his portraits that contain stylized illumination and a touch of…

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A Morning Photoshoot with Rosco LitePads

We discovered Emma Davies, a commercial and fine art flower photographer, on Twitter. She had expressed interest in trying out some of our LitePads on an upcoming photoshoot – so we made her dreams come true and sent over some LitePad Axioms for her to try. Below is Emma’s report on the results of that…

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Roller Girls of the Apocalypse

Conceptual Photographer Eva Creel was German born and Montana raised, and has since returned to Germany to continue her photographic career.  We first learned about Eva thanks to an article on where she listed our Strobist Collection as one her “must haves” inside her camera bag.  At that point, we introduced her to our…

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