Content Marketing Manager: Joel’s Rosco career began in Rosco’s Hollywood office in 1999 – first in sales covering the Western US and the Los Angeles Film & Television market, and then as Product Manager for Rosco’s Film & Television Products. In that time, his knowledge of Rosco’s products and how they’re used in each of our marketplaces makes him well suited for bringing the stories in Spectrum to life.

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It’s good to be relevant! Today, released a story about lovable Paul Vasquez ‘cashing-in’ on his new iPhone App: The $0.99 app allows you to add a translucent double rainbow to photos you’re taking with your iPhone. It’s not exactly the most useful iPhone app, but as says – the app does…

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Okay – so with a name like Spectrum, I feel we would be remiss if we didn’t comment on this news story. For those who haven’t seen it – one of the most viral videos on YouTube the past several months has been Hungrybear9562’s (aka Paul Vasquez) joyous video of a – you guessed it…

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Sharpening Your Eye For Detail

You might already be familiar with Rosco’s LitePad, a slim profile light that creates a soft, even source of light. Its unique features make if perfect for many different situations. In architectural and retail lighting, in still photography and in film/video sets, it’s a simple, fast and economical solution. The photo below shows how a…

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Falling For Eve, a review from Stan Schwartz

Most college-level teachers of theatrical lighting design will tell their students that, in most productions, one should not draw attention to the lighting.  That is, the lighting scheme should support the script or highlight the actors.  The colors, intensity, and placement of the lights shouldn’t, in conventional wisdom, be the show. It isn’t always true…

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Rosco Gathers to Celebrate 100 Years

Did you know that every summer Rosco employees from around the world gather in Stamford, CT to discuss strategy, sales successes and look at new products or product developments? The theme for this year’s annual meeting was ‘Did You Know?’ So, I thought I’d take a moment and share with you some of my favorite…

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spec•trum (spek’trem)

noun pl. spectra spec·tra (-trə) or spec·trums Physics The distribution of a characteristic of a physical system or phenomenon, especially:a. The distribution of energy emitted by a radiant source, as by an incandescent body, arranged in order of wavelengths. b. The distribution of atomic or subatomic particles in a system, as in a magnetically resolved…

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