Architectural Market Manager: Steve started with Rosco in October of 2005 as a Business Development Manager for the UK market. Steve has been the project specialist for Rosco’s architectural products since 2009 and has become extremely familiar with the marketplace for architectural lighting. Look to Steve’s posts for lighting trends and how our unique product offering is pushing the envelope in architectural lighting projects.

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The Bright Red Heart of Almere’s City Mall

At the center of the City Mall in Almere, Netherlands is a bright red staircase connecting the upper and lower levels of the shopping center. Master-architect Rem Koolhaas from OMA installed 120 of Rosco’s new Custom LitePad RGB LED Fixtures to accomplish this striking, yet functional element.

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Light Up Hope – Light It Up Gold

Childhood Cancer International has utilized a gold ribbon and buildings bathed in Rosco e-colour+ #550 Gold Medal as their symbols to honor kids from around the world that are battling against child and adolescent cancer.

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A Hedonistic Glow – LitePad Creates
The Upscale Identity of a London Wine Store

The Mayfair District in London is a carnival for the rich & powerful, and its shops are temples to the luxury goods they contain inside. Among those Mayfair shops is Hedonism Wines – a sophisticated boutique whose exclusive, high-end offerings have turned it into a mecca for the wine and spirits enthusiast. The lighting designers…

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The Five C’s of Custom LitePad
Solutions To Simplify and Enhance Your Projects

Custom LitePad is the first choice of lighting designers, architects and interior designers around the world for creating soft, even illumination. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider it on your next project: 1) Choice Custom LitePads are now available in three models: LitePad HO90, which is available in 2800K, 4000K and…

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