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Wagon Brakes

One of the most common problems on stage is how to quickly brake and then release rolling scenery. Rosco's Wagon Brake provides secure holding power, as well as fast, quiet releasing without the need for drilling holes in the stage floor. Mounted to the side of a platform or scenery, this brake actually lifts the scenery off its casters, preventing the wagon from shifting under active actor movements. A unique lever action pushes down a plunger, lifting even very heavy pieces with only minimal force required from a stagehand. A minimum of two brakes per unit are recommended. Optional extension spindles shown below.

Wagon Brake
Heavy Duty Wagon Brake
Extension Spindle
Product Numbers
Wagon Brake
74510 Wagon Brake - 300lbs. Maximum
Heavy Duty Wagon Brake
74550 Heavy Duty Wagon Brake - 800lbs. Maximum
Extension Spindle
74515 Extension Spindle (optional)
74555 Heavy Duty Extension Spindle (optional) (5/16" x 2-1/2") (3/8" x 3-1/2")
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