Rosco LitePads, Plus Decorative Metal Sheets And Fabric Cannage Patterns, Brought Dior An Amazing Building Awning And Façade
This is a front view of the Dior building, facing 57th Street in Manhattan. The soft, elegant glow blends with the other boutiques and art galleries along this fashionable street.
The 16 Rosco LitePads in the awning/marquee were a little too bright for the designers, so they were dimmed slightly. The LitePads in this situation were roughly 20" x 18" each.

Approaching the store along 57th Street offers a slightly different, but no less attractive view of the glowing patterns.

The decorative metal sheets and fabric cannage patterns, shown here in close-up, provided the unique look. The LitePads gave the designers the quality and quantity of light needed.

Rosco's LitePads are an LED source that provide a soft, even light. Perhaps more important they can be custom-made into virtually any size or shape and are only 1/3" thick.

That's why they were such a good choice for the Dior store. The LitePads had to fit in between the existing struts on the façade. They are set behind a series of decorative metal sheets and fabric cannage patterns. Roscolux 3216 was laminated to the acrylic LitePad cover.

To make it all work, the designers used 456 LitePad units in the building façade, doorway and columns. These LitePads were all roughly 13 ½" x 12", yielding a 5300° Kelvin light and consuming approximately 10,000 watts. The Roscolux filter laminate helped elevate the color temperature to the desired levels.

Sixteen additional LitePads were used for the awning/marquee. These units were roughly 20" x 18" and required 655 watts. The resulting light was a little too bright, so it was dimmed slightly.

The key factors: First, the soft even light of Rosco's LitePads. Add in the slim profile of the lights, and the ability to fabricate them in various sizes and you have the ingredients for any lighting project that needs to be elegant, interesting and sustainable.

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