RoscoView Panels On The Windows
And A RoscoView Camera Filter
Provided Instant Day For Night Control

Same "Parenthood" set, same interior lighting. But because the windows are equipped with RoscoView panels, a rotation of the camera filter creates night, day or anything in between outside the windows.

Parenthood's Key Grip, Vidal Cohen, described the situation: "Parenthood has several minors in our cast with restricted work hours due to age. During the summer months when it gets dark very late in L.A. we would lose the kids before we could complete the scenes. Rather than having to schedule scenes over multiple days we needed a way to shoot our interior houses day for night. Traditionally, we would just black the windows out to shoot during the day. But this method severly restricts the depth of field because you don't get to see anything outside the windows. The RoscoView system of panels on the windows and a camera filter, gave us everything we needed: light control, inside and outside, day-for-night, and depth of field."
How RoscoView Works
Rosco Camera Filter:
Results On The Window:
RoscoView is a unique two-part window control system for film and television professionals. It consists of wide width polarizing filter installed on windows and a matching camera polarizing filter. The window filter is available in easy-to-handle acrylic panels or in the traditional soft roll form. The camera filter is optical glass. Rotating the camera filter changes the degree of cross polarization on the window where the RoscoView filter is installed. This results in 100% control of exterior brightness as seen through the window. To the naked eye, the ambient light coming into the room or studio is reduced by only one stop.