When Rosco Started In 1910 This Is What Your Car Might Have Looked Like

That is, if you had a car!
There were only around 8,000 cars in the country when Rosco started in 1910 and only 144 miles of paved roads. Fuel for the car was only sold in drug stores.

But Sydney Kelsey Rosenstein, then 24 years old, started a company in that environment. He named it, appropriately enough Rosco: "Ros", as in Rosenstein and "Co", as in company. It's been 100 years and a lot has changed. But Rosco is still here, thriving through innovation and steadfast faithfulness to the entertainment industries.

We invite you to join us in our journey as we note the changes in the last century and develop the people, products and ideas for the next 100 years.

1910 Ford Model T
Stan Miller's Booklet Of Memories

Stan Miller offers a history of Rosco - and the entertainment industries - in this elaborately illustrated booklet. It includes anecdotes,stories and historical oddities (like how the network standardized on gel for the "Ed Sullivan Show", first broadcast in color in 1968.)

Ask for a printed copy; free, while they last

Rosco At 100 PLSN Tells The Story Of Rosco - So Far

Kevin Mitchell offers a brief but multifaceted history of Rosco in the entertainment business over the past 100 years. His essay appeared in the August edition of PLSN.

The Rosco Century - L&SA Provides A Detailed Look At The Past Ten Decades

Editor-in-Chief David Barbour offers a comprehensive and well-illustrated story of what he calls "The Rosco Century". His piece, which appeared in the November 2010 edition, starts with the observation that "when a company celebrates its silver anniversary, it’s cause for comment. When a company lasts 100 years, it's simply extraordinary!"