We are excited to announce that we have expanded our RoscoLED Tape line of products. In fact, the entire range has tripled in size! The original offering included reels of Static White, VariWhite and VariColor LED tape, along with our innovative RoscoLED Control Boxes and a small selection of power supply and control options. The new, expanded range of RoscoLED products includes all of the originals, plus…

MORE! Colors and color temperatures

MORE! Power supplies and controllers

MORE! Accessories to customize your LED tape installation

Jack Burwick, Rosco’s LED Systems Product Manager, reports that “designers and specifiers will feel confident in choosing RoscoLED Tape for their most critical LED lighting applications as the expanded product portfolio will provide substantially greater opportunity to create dramatic lighting effects.”

Architecturally Appealing

One of the biggest reasons for expanding the range has been the interest in our RoscoLED Tape products from our architectural lighting customers. According to Amé Strong, Vice President – Rosco Architectural, “the robust construction and superior color quality of our RoscoLED Tape has captured the attention of architectural lighting designers around the world.” Amé continued, “The LED tape marketplace is crowded with competition. The fact that our products have been successfully field-tested in the demanding world of broadcast set-design is appealing to designers that are conscientious about the quality of light in their installations. Knowing that RoscoLED Tape is designed to look great in HD – they know it’s going to look fabulous in their projects.”

New Colors & Color Temperatures

Perhaps the biggest piece of feedback we received from our architectural lighting customers was that they needed additional options when it came to the color & color temperature of our RoscoLED Tape. This expansion of the range has met those demands!

If there’s one thing our experience with lighting designers has proven to us – warmer is always better. That’s why we have added more warm options to our white light RoscoLED Tape Products. RoscoLED Tape Static White, as an example, now features four color temperatures: 5600K, 3000K, 2400K, and our unique, ultra-warm 1800K. RoscoLED Tape VariWhite includes the original 3000K – 6000K product, and VariWhite Ultra, which has a color temperature range of 1800K – 6000K.

“Warmer is always better” also came into play as we expanded our color-mixing RoscoLED Tape VariColor range. The original RGB+W VariColor product – now known as RoscoLED Tape VariColor: RGB+CW – features a 6000K white emitter. In addition to the original, we now offer the new, warm white RoscoLED Tape VariColor: RGB+WW that features a 3000K white emitter. For those designers looking for extra-warm hues, we’ve also added RoscoLED Tape VariColor: RGBA to the family. Featuring dual-line SMD2835 emitters, each reel of RoscoLED Tape VariColor: RGBA produces vibrant, rich colors that can be warmed by its amber LED.

New Control Options

One of the biggest advantages of RoscoLED Tape is its plug-&-play compatibility with our RoscoLED Control Boxes where everything is pre-balanced and pre-configured to provide power & control to the RoscoLED Tape – no in-the-field soldering required. Many projects, however, have customized power requirements. That is why we have come up with an entire fleet of RoscoLED Power Supply options – ranging from the small 120W Desktop Power Supply for short runs to the IP67-rated 600W Power Supply for large, outdoor runs of RoscoLED Tape.

The RoscoLED Power, Dimming and Control interfaces provide flicker-free dimming for any RoscoLED Tape project. “Everyone has an HD video camera in their pocket or handbag now,” says Amé Strong, “and clients are getting more sensitive to how their retail, museum and even residential spaces look in videos posted onto social media. No one wants to see their space flickering & strobing on Instagram.” Because RoscoLED Tape was engineered for broadcast, it was designed to be flicker-free – even on a mobile device.

Our all-new range of aluminum RoscoLED Tape Profiles provides enhanced thermal performance to extend the lifespan of the LEDs. The profiles also offer control of the beam produced by the emitters mounted inside, as most of them are available with either a clear lens cover, or a frosted lens cover with strong diffusive properties. For those designers looking for more precise beam control, we also offer profiles with a 30° or 60° beam-spread lens.

All of these new RoscoLED Tape products are available now for your next design. Be sure to explore the RoscoLED Tape product page on our website and learn more about the products, or contact us to discuss how RoscoLED Tape can illuminate your upcoming project.













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