Spectrum Blog-o-versary Celebration Giveaway!

Its been a whole year since we started our blog, Spectrum.

To help celebrate our first year we are going to spend this week giving away Rosco prizes with a blog scavenger hunt!

Here is how it will work:

Every day this week we will post on the Rosco Facebook page an object you have to find within one of the Rosco Spectrum posts from the past year. (If you don’t already “like” our Facebook page, do it while you are there so you can tag us when submitting your answer.)

To submit your answer:

Find the item in the appropriate Spectrum blog post. At the bottom of that post use the share bar and share the post on your Facebook page. IMPORTANT: Add the following text tagging Rosco along with the page link to your FB post so we can see that you are a winner:

“I found today’s object in this @Rosco Spectrum post for their blog-o-versary scavenger hunt!”
You must “Like” Rosco’s FB page first; then as you type in the characters @Rosco, you can select and tag Rosco in your post, which will notify us that you’ve found and posted the correct link.

For each day, the first 20 people to find the item and share the correct post will get a Rosco hat!

Only one prize per person. We will contact you to notify you as a winner. Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping.

Watch for the first hunt item to go up on our Facebook page later today!

Thanks for all of your support this past year.  Have an opinion on a future Spectrum post?  Let us hear from you – we’d love to receive ideas about topics you’d like us to cover in our 2nd year!

Joel Svendsen

About Joel Svendsen

Content Marketing Manager: Joel's Rosco career began in Rosco's Hollywood office in 1999 – first in sales covering the Western US and the Los Angeles Film & Television market, and then as Product Manager for Rosco's Film & Television Products. Joel's knowledge about Rosco's products and how they're used in each of our different marketplaces makes him well suited for bringing the stories in Spectrum to life.