Capturing the Shadow of the International Year of Light

The Asociación Profesional de Diseñadores de Iluminación in Spain created “Captura Tu Sombra” (Capture Your Shadow) as a fun activity to bring 2015 – the International Year of Light – to an end. As a part of the Spanish IYOL closing ceremonies held at the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas headquarters in Madrid, they were asked to prepare something with a relaxed component that would contrast with the more serious and scientific presentations of the event.  Several attendees participated in the clever setup that captured their shadow and resulted in a series of fun photos.



“Captura Tu Sombra” consisted of a 2m x 2m wooden frame that was built and lined with paper painted with RoscoGlo phosphorescent paint. The participants entered the room, which was completely dark, and stood in front of the frame while maintaining a fixed pose. A very powerful light would shine on them for a short amount of time – charging the RoscoGlo that was not covered up by their body. Once the light went out, they moved away from the frame and saw their silhouette within the phosphorescent background. In that moment, the photo that “captured their shadow” was taken.


“The main objective was to give a magical moment to the participants by combining art and science. It was fun to see people’s reactions when they moved away from the front of the frame and saw that their shadow was still there even though they were no longer there,” Lara Elbaz comments. “It was very simple to setup that produced so much surprise and amusement. RoscoGlo allowed us to obtain the results we were seeking thanks to its ease of application, its colour and the intensity of its phosphorescence.”

RoscoGlo 1

Visit the RoscoGlo webpage to learn more about this unique paint and envision how you might use it at your next event.


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