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Designers at the Lingshan Buddhist Palace in Wuxi China were certainly thinking big when they specified a Rosco Front White Projection Screen for its unique, circular, 1,500 seat theater that offers ongoing performances and presentations about Buddhist history and teachings.

BIG Screen1

The Rosco screen is nearly 371 feet (113m) long and 36 feet (11m) high and it covers a 270˚ arc – which may well make it the largest projection screen ever installed inside a theater! The screen, which is longer than an American football field, is secured with grommets across the top and a pipe pocket bottom.

BIG Screen2

The venue utilizes 24 Sanyo Projectors to display images in its various presentations. The images change frequently, yet they remain crisp and clear throughout the presentations thanks to the Rosco Front White Projection screen.

BIG Screen4Rosco has supplied front and rear projections screens for over 30 years to some of the most popular events and important venues in the world. Over that time, we have accumulated a wealth of information about specifying, installing and caring for screens. Your requirements for a front or rear projection screen may be simpler and smaller than the the Lingshan Buddhist Palace, but the need for quality is just as important. Find out what you need to know before specifying your next screen:
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