Introducing CubeConnect
Wireless Control For Rosco Cube LEDs And So Much More!

Because of their compact size and impressive light output, designers have found our Miro and Braq Cubes to be incredibly versatile and have installed them in a number of remote locations with limited headroom.

One issue designers keep running into with this sort of remote installation is the prohibitive costs incurred from the time and expense of running DMX control cable to these hard-to-reach locations. This is particularly true if the venue is an older structure or the installation will only be used temporarily.

Rosco, in conjunction withConnect3 the design team over at The Black Tank, has come up with an innovative, Wireless DMX solution – CubeConnect™.  This two-part control system consists of a transceiver and a dongle receiver that, when used together, enables simple, elegant, wireless control of Rosco Miro and Braq Cubes.

Connect6The CubeConnect Transceiver occupies a 5” x 3.75” x 1.5” footprint (minus the antenna) and weighs 0.5 lb. Its lightweight and compact form factor allows placement virtually anywhere within or near the venue. The CubeConnect Transceiver is designed to receive control signal via 5-pin DMX or Serial DB9. The transceiver converts the DMX signal into proprietary serial data, which it then transmits.


The signal is then received by the 2.4GHz CubeConnect Dongle Receiver that has been plugged into the back of a Miro or Braq Cube. The low-profile, self-contained CubeConnect Dongle is powered from the fixture itself, so it does not need any sort of external power supply – making for a streamlined, clutter-free installation.

Another feature that makes CubeConnect unique is that it operates on “low-use” bandwidths, minimizing potential interference that often occurs inside live-event venues and broadcast studios with a lot of “digital noise.” CubeConnect streams data packets simultaneously in redundant groups of four across the three green channels shown in the chart below. This provides an extremely robust wireless control solution with transmissions up to 2,000-ft line of sight.


CubeConnect Controls More Than Just Cubes

Want to use CubeConnect’s innovative wireless control technology to control something other than a Miro or Braq Cube? Not a problem. Simply connect any DMX512-compatible device to the DMX-Out port on a second CubeConnect Transceiver and you can take advantage of all the wireless benefits the CubeConnect System has to offer.

CubeConnect is also an excellent cost-saving alternative for venues that want to install DMX-controllable fixtures on their existing non-DMX controlled track. A project of this scope would typically present either a significant cost to run control-cable everywhere it was needed, or an increased cost to install DMX controlled track throughout the space (or both!) – not to mention the amount of downtime that would be needed to tear out and replace the existing track. The easiest solution would be to choose Rosco Miro or Braq Cubes with CubeConnect Dongles. If, however, another fixture has been specified, the venue can convert their track lighting into an intelligent system with wirelessly controlled light fixtures simply by installing a second transceiver near the track and running short DMX cable runs to each light. The low investment cost of this simple technique allows architectural venues to easily and affordably upgrade their track installation, while avoiding the costs and downtime replacing the existing track would incur.


If you’re interested in incorporating this exciting new wireless control product into your next project, please visit the CubeConnect website for a complete list of features and to research its supporting technical documents.






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