Off Broadway Electrifies Greased Lightning


grease1Our Scenic Resource Gallery is a wonderful source of stories and examples of how users from all around the world use Rosco scenic products. Below is one of the stories we found in the gallery to provide motivation and inspiration for your next production.

As the Theatre Arts Director at Empire High School in Tucson Arizona, Richard Gremel was pulling together the props for a production of Grease. They couldn’t use a real car for the “Greased Lightning’” scene, so they decided to build their own.

grease2The car itself is essentially a 3’x7’ platform on casters that is covered in plywood, with foam bumpers and 12v headlights. The tires are sliced cardboard concrete-column-tubes that were painted black, with plywood caps. The engine block was constructed using PVC pipe and 24” foil lasagna pans. The car was painted using Rosco Off Broadway scenic paint. To see more details on how Richard built the car, visit the gallery.

grease3Off Broadway paint is one of Rosco’s most popular scenic paints and comes in a palette of rich theatrical colors. For more information, visit the Off Broadway Paint web page.






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