The Heart of Rosco
Our Mission and Our Values

You may know Rosco as a global leader in products such as filters, gobos, dance floors, backdrops, paint and LED lighting fixtures. What you may not know is what Rosco stands for as a company. In this edition of Rosco Spectrum, Rosco CEO Mark Engel takes us into the heart of Rosco. You may be familiar with what we do, but read below as Mark explains a bit more about who we are and what we stand for.

Now, more than ever, customers want to do business with companies that share their values. At Rosco, our Mission and Values help shape everything we do – they have been the driving force behind Rosco for over one hundred years. Whether you’ve known us for decades, or are just meeting us for the first time, I’m pleased to introduce you to the heart of Rosco.

Mission and Values

Rosco’s Mission and Values serve as a guide for everything we do. Our Mission keeps us focused on what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, and our Values ensure that we’re doing it with integrity while remaining true to our core beliefs. Our Mission and Values are not just words we publish on a website. When we interview potential Rosco colleagues, we use our Values to ensure that there is a “cultural fit” between the candidate and our company. When developing new products, we turn to our Mission first and foremost to ensure we’re in line with our objectives. And when faced with tough business decisions, we look to our Mission and Values to guide us in our answers.

Serving The Community

Again, guided by our Mission and Values, Rosco lends support to a number of organizations around the world that do good work for others. Whether helping up-and-coming cinematographers gain their foothold in the industry through the Emerging Cinematographer Awards; serving as the official color sponsor of Autism Speaks; or donating proceeds to charities like Behind the Scenes and Light Relief, Rosco actively seeks opportunities to give back to our community.

About Us

I’m immensely proud of the people who work at Rosco. Each person on our team plays an individual role in helping us achieve our collective Mission – to allow creative people to achieve their visions. We’re a global team that’s culturally and politically diverse, but each respectful of each other’s views and embodying the values set forth by the company and our leader, Stan Miller.

Customer Focus, Quality, Commitment, Integrity, Passion, Creative Thinking, Enduring Relationships, and Trust; all Values that we hold true within the heart of Rosco.









About Lauren Proud

Marketing Director: Lauren Proud has been with Rosco Laboratories since May, 2014. Coming from outside of the entertainment lighting industry, Lauren brings a unique perspective to all things Marketing at Rosco. Her background includes growing up in a household where her father was a Creative Director, and her mother was a Photographer and Illustrator’s Representative, so marketing was in her sights from an early age. Having worked with iconic brands such as Campbell Soup Company and British Airways, Lauren is well-positioned to write for Spectrum about the dynamic world of Marketing at Rosco.