Painting the Background of Satire
For El Carnaval de Cádiz

Carnaval de Cádiz is the principal Carnival in Spain and quite different from other Carnival celebrations around the world. While most Carnivals emphasise glamorous and spectacular costumes, in Cádiz the stress is on music and satire. Some of the most popular songs are “Chirigotas” that provide a witty and clever critique of the main topics of the Spanish news. The highlight of the Carnaval de Cádiz is a competition of the chirigotas inside the city’s Gran Teatro Falla.

The set design company Ras Escenografías used Rosco Scenic Paints to create beautiful backdrops for two of the competing groups this year – la chirigota “Los Indiana Jones de los Callejones,” and la chirigota “Los Kunfundios.” Both backdrops were created using a blend of both Off Broadway and Supersaturated scenic paints that they painted onto Roscotex Muslin.

The backdrop for “Los Indiana Jones de los Callejones” (which translates into “The Indiana Joneses of the Alleys”) shows a typical square in Cádiz.

Antonio Quintana and Ricardo Lorez from Ras Escenografías comment: “Ras Escenografías has been using Rosco Supersaturated and Off Broadway paints for the past 14 years. Undoubtedly, based on our experience, we can confirm that these are the best scenic paints that we have worked with. These scenic elements are mainly made using wood and fabric, which is where we normally apply these paints. We use especially them on scenic backdrops. Supersaturated allows us to paint the backdrop with a very small quantity of paint thanks to its amazing pigmentation. Off Broadway enables us to finish and match the colours with the desired chromatic intensity. By using the two paints together we can achieve excellent finishing without overloading the material.”

The team at Ras Escenografías painted a large Chinese temple for the “Los Kunfundios” chirigota.

To see other beautiful scenic work created by Ras Escenografías, visit their website. If you’d like to learn more about the scenic paint products they used to create these backdrops, explore the Rosco Off Broadway and Supersaturated scenic paint product pages.







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