A Swirling Sea Of Light Inside The SeaGlass Carousel

Millions of tourists flock to Manhattan’s Battery Park for its history, its gardens and its amazing views of the Statue of Liberty. Now, there’s a new attraction in The Battery for visitors to experience – The SeaGlass Carousel.

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A Battery Conservancy design team came up with the idea of an aquatic carousel to conjure The Battery’s history as the first home of the New York Aquarium and bring more light into the southern end of the park. The result is the SeaGlass Carousel, which is lit, in part, by over 20 Rosco X24 Effect Projectors to create the carousel’s aquatic environment.

According to The Battery Conservancy website, “SeaGlass was born through the genius of WXY Architecture. Inspired by the chambered nautilus, the spiraling pavilion of glass and steel brings art, architecture, and music to children of all ages. The George Tsypin Opera Factory created a mystical underwater experience. The rider sits within iridescent fish that glide through the sights and sounds of a 360° aquatic adventure.”

The carousel is filled with 30 shimmering fish (all of which are over 11’ tall) that will take you on a swirling, whirling ride on its 17’ turntable. Designed by Technical Artistry, the ride’s lighting program cycles through a series of different seascapes, with some cues immersing the riders in vibrant blues, while others envelop them in the sparkling reflections of the realistic water effect produced by the X24’s.

If you’re planning an aquatic themed project, be sure to visit the X24 Effects Projector page on our website or read this blog about Denmark’s Blue Planet Aquarium and how they used over 40 X24 fixtures to immerse their visitors in its watery effect.
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The updated lighting rig inside Seaglass Carousel – now with X-Effects LED Fixtures

While the structure was mostly enclosed, too many environmental elements were getting into the building and affecting the performance of the non-IP-rated X24 units. The Seaglass Carousel upgraded these units to the IP65-rated X-Effects® LED fixture in the summer of 2018 to create the same watery effect with less maintenance and downtime. Learn more about the X-Effects LED: www.rosco.com/x-effects-led.




The X24 Effects Projector has been discontinued and has been replaced with the X-Effects LED Projector. The X-Effects LED is available in two models – a 5500K and a color-mixing RGBW – and in two wattages: 45W and 90W (HO). This upgrade provides quieter operation and removes the need for expensive lamp maintenance. Learn more: www.rosco.com/x-effects-led.

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