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Since the introduction of our Silk® 210 in 2015, Rosco Silk LED fixtures have been chosen to light broadcast studios, feature films, commercials and television shows. Filmmakers and broadcasters have chosen our Silk® LED Soft Lights because of their uncompromising light output. All Rosco Silk fixtures produce high TLCI and CRI metrics, which give users the confidence that the fixture is truly producing pure, soft white light. Based on feedback we’ve received from the field, we’ve updated the firmware of our Silk technology to offer some new control features – plus, we’ve released two new sizes!

Precise On-Board Dimming & Color Correction Controls

The on-board control panel of the Silk fixtures received many of the recent updates. We’ve improved the ballistic interaction on the fixtures’ color temperature and dimming dials to offer greater control and quicker feedback. All Silk fixtures now feature 50K resolution on the color temperature dial and 15K on the dimming dial for greater accuracy on interim steps of color temperature and better resolution at low end dimming. There is also a control lockout button to prevent settings from being disturbed unintentionally, and the updated LCD readout features increased brightness and more contrast for better readability.

More DMX Control Options

Rosco Silk LED fixtures now feature 16-bit DMX control for smoother dimming. Users are able to toggle between 8-bit mode (two DMX channels: dimming & color temperature) and 16-bit mode (four DMX channels: course/fine dimming and course/fine color temperature control). The fixture also offers a choice of four dimming curves: Linear, Square Law, S-Curve, and Tungsten. This extra control enables users to match the dimming of their Silk fixtures to the other lights they are controlling in their rig.

Three DMX Modes – Including Wireless!

Aside from its standard DMX mode, Silk fixtures now also offer two new DMX modes:
Silk-As-Master: Enables one Silk fixture to control other Silk fixtures on-set that share a common base address. This mode is particularly useful for small, “one-man-band” crews that want to easily control multiple fixtures without a DMX console.
Wireless DMX Enabled: Easily the most requested feature we received about the Silk 110 and Silk 210 fixtures was wireless DMX control. All Silk fixtures are now enabled with LumenRadio chips that enable users to connect a LumenRadio antenna (not included) to their Silk LED fixtures and control them via their Wireless DMX network.

Two New Sizes: Silk® 205 & Silk® 305

The Silk Family of LED Soft Lights just doubled in size – from two fixtures to four – by adding two new, slim-profile, “strip” configurations. When we added the Silk 110 to the range – it was pointed out that several LED manufacturers offer 1×1 and 2×1 fixture profiles, but no one really offered any options with a smaller vertical footprint. With the addition of the Silk 205 and Silk 305, designers, broadcasters, and filmmakers now have access to a two-foot and three-foot (respectively), slim-profile soft light that’s less than 10” tall – including the yoke. The compact nature of the Silk 205 and Silk 305 makes them perfect for small studios – especially studios created in “found space” – that don’t have the ceiling height to accommodate a full 1×1 or 2×1 fixture. This new Silk configuration is also appealing for anyone that wants to mount the fixture vertically or for those that work in product photography as narrow strips of light are often more appealing in these conditions than squares and rectangles of light.

The Rosco Silk Family of LED soft lights is continually improving and growing larger. Visit the Silk Family Page of our website to see our entire range of LED soft lights. All of these new Silk developments – plus others that we’re working on now (watch this page) – were influenced by user input. Do you have feedback on our Silk LED fixtures? Or, do you have a specific feature you’d like your LED fixture to have? Let us know in the Comments or email









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