The 2017 NBA Postseason Anthem
Energized By Miro Cubes

New Orleans-based Gaffer Trenton McRae has discovered a new way to create black light effects on camera – Rosco’s Miro Cube™ UV365 LED fixture. In the short time he’s owned them, Trenton has already put his Miro Cubes to work on two feature films, including Disney’s My Invisible Sister. Most recently, he used these powerful LED black lights on a Joey Bada$$ music video that was featured in a Mountain Dew ad campaign for the 2017 NBA Postseason. Take a look at the black light effects he created in the video below and then read about how and why he used the Miro Cubes to provide the black light effects the project needed.

“Victory” by Joey Bada$$ – the anthem of the 2017 NBA Postseason

You’ll note a number of black light sequences in the music video – all of which were energized by the 50 watt Rosco Miro Cube UV365 units. Because the fixtures were compact and lightweight (each 4” cube only weighs 2 lbs), Trenton was able to quickly and easily rig the fixtures where he needed them. Thanks to the fixtures’ tight beam path and the set of spread lenses included with each unit, Trenton was also able to concentrate the light precisely where he needed it on the shoot.

Behind the scenes on the black light set of “Victory”

Trenton reports that he finds the Miro Cube UV365 to be the best spot source for UV light on the market. “The fixture has a great punch and it lets me highlight parts of the frame that I want to pop. It beats out the UV tubes and the old-school fresnel black lights on the market – both in simplicity and punch. I look forward to using Rosco Miro Cubes in future projects.”

To learn more about the black light fixture that gaffer Trenton McRae used in this music video, please visit the Miro Cube UV365 Product Page on our website.







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