"The initial color choices for the 'Adding Machine A Musical' came from a painted elevation of the scenery. It consists of a wall that rolls into several different locations and it has a sickly green hue. We knew that we were going to be using light and haze as architectural elements, and I found that R87 was the perfect color to do this. Almost the entire show became sourced from a down light system using R87. It has this effect of creating an uncomfortable atmosphere, and leeches the color from the actors giving them a somewhat sickly hue."

Roscolux Colors Used:

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"When I had to pull actors out of this R87 down light, I needed a warm tone that had enough green in it to feel like it belonged in the world. I found that R08 was perfect for this. It warms them up, but keeps them in an uncomfortably colored space."

"The other color I found that really worked in this palette was R67. I could take the characters into a night scene and maintain a certain level of saturation and hue. There were also a couple of moments in the show that required us to break the color. R67 and R3415 helped to pull us out into dream sequences."

Keith Parham: New York credits include Adding Machine: A Musical at The Minetta Lane, Crime and Punishment with Writers' Theatre, The Sunset Limited with Steppenwolf Theatre, Red Light Winter at The Barrow Street Theatre, and Rules for Good Manners in the Modern World with TUTA Theatre. He is also company member of TUTA Theatre, and has designed numerous shows with The Goodman Theatre, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Northlight Theatre, Next Theatre Company, Timeline Theatre, Writers' Theatre, Lookingglass Theatre Company, Chicago Opera Theatre, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, European Repertory Theatre, Rivendell Theatre Ensemble and Theatre Wit.